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Developer platform for composable commerce

CoreConnect gives you complete control of your composable architecture, accelerating eCommerce development with pre-built digital building blocks and connectors.


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Take your eCommerce to a composable future

CoreConnect offers an eCommerce accelerator as part of the rb2 development framework, simplifying composable tech, and putting flexible architecture in the hands of growing businesses across Europe.

Maximize uptime and maintain control

Every pre-built module and integrator that CoreConnect offers is designed to keep your operations up and running at all times. Relevant reporting and audit functionality means it’s accessible, secure, and maintainable…but also extendable – all at once.

Build to last, with the toolkit that’s built to last

No platform should get in the way of your ambition. That’s why CoreConnect has been developed with an API-first approach, meaning flexibility is built in, and it’ll never slow down your business growth.

T’s crossed, I’s dotted, but still totally hackable

Every inch of the architecture you’ll find in CoreConnect is fully documented, including the logic it runs on and the best ways to implement it. It’s up to you how you use it, and because it’s composable, it’s customizable for any business while remaining utterly secure.

How CoreConnect will speed you up

CoreConnect is a software toolkit for all things eCommerce that supports businesses as they launch, grow, and succeed. It consists of a toolkit that speeds up the first few weeks of eCommerce development in a few key ways:

Focus on building a wow-experience

The rapid development of a website’s front-end, its styling, and the features users expect

Take control over your backend systems

Using pre-built logic and integrators (like puzzle pieces for the non-technical folk) initial back-end development is simplified

Uptime, taken care of

All the gizmos needed to deploy an initial architecture at the pace eCommerce businesses need

Our CoreConnect successes

format-quote-open CoreConnect gives us the freedom to collect insight into the flow of information that is flowing through our systems. The complexity of merging the reservation and payment systems of new and existing parks used to be a huge stumbling block for us. CoreConnect takes care of everything, and gives us the opportunity to get a better focus on our online company goals.

Martin de Boer
Rental Director Europarcs