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Accelerate Your Digital B2B Growth with Our eCommerce Solution Following the MACH principles


Build your MVP with CoreConnect:

The Fit-for-Purpose Platform Designed for Rapid Growth

Fully-Integrated Headless Commerce Solution

With CoreConnect you can build and fully integrate your eCommerce MVP in weeks, using a pre-built feature set that takes care of all the standard eCommerce use cases in B2B – like personalized product catalogs and responsive price lists.

Transform your B2B business by driving growth, selling faster, and achieving a seamless customer experience, all with our Agile architecture – especially built for Bigcommerce and Commercetools.

Reap the benefits of composable architecture by continuously enhancing your platform and customizing the touchpoints in your customer journey. Your technology stack won’t get in the way of your business, ever. Fit for purpose, ready for growth.

Core Benefits

  • Cut Development Costs by Over 30%
  • Save Time and Money with Ready-to-Use API Functionalities
  • Quickly Deploy a Feature-Packed Solution in weeks
  • Embrace the Future with Cloud-Based Microservices Architecture
  • Eliminate the Need for Redefining Standard Features
  • Start Delivery Immediately with No Delays for Configuration
  • Integrate best-of-breed Complementary Solutions Seamlessly

What's in it for me

With these tools, they can all succeed in a rapidly changing market


For the Business Owner

For eCommerce business owners, maximizing ROI quickly is crucial. They need full control over every aspect of their business. This is achieved by adopting new technologies that provide real-time insights, streamline operations, and automate routine tasks.


For the IT-Specialist

IT specialists also need to maximize the potential of innovative tools and technology solutions. They need a highly flexible platform that can adapt to changing needs, integrate with existing systems, and allow for scalability.


For the Marketeer

Marketers are tasked with building, integrating, optimizing and growing businesses. To achieve this, they need a robust tech stack that supports data-driven decision-making, personalization and automation.

B2B Core Features

Transform your B2B operations with our cutting-edge framework

Perfected after years of experience delivering and running successful, large-scale eCommerce platforms. Boost efficiencies, close deals faster, and stay ahead of the competition with our proven solution.


Quote to Order

Streamline your sales process and close deals faster with our cutting-edge Quote-to-Order solution. Give your B2B customers the power to request a quote and receive a tailored response – one that they can turn into an order in just a few clicks.


Custom catalogs and pricing

Unlock the limitless possibilities of custom catalogs and pricing. Show your customers the ultimate level of personalization by offering prices tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Give them the power and flexibility to choose the products they want at prices that work for them.


Customer specific catalogs & pricing

Simplify B2B operations with our company account structures. Allow customers to place orders using their own accounts with features like accurate delivery and billing. Seamless fulfillment with assisted-sales option for ultimate support.


B2B2C Functionality

CoreConnect offers a single platform for B2B and B2C customer service, increasing efficiency and improving scalability. Its customizable framework offers a personalized shopping experience and helps businesses drive growth and enhance customer satisfaction.

Unlock the potential of your tech stack

Your business is one-of-a-kind, and so is the blend of technologies you use and the services they provide. Regardless of the solutions and technologies you utilize now and in the future, seamless integration is key. CoreConnect ensures just that, offering a standard integration with PIM, CMS, and PSP systems. Have your MVP live in weeks.

  • Customer Experience – Create the perfect customer experience with your own brand, based on our ready-made SEO-optimized frontend which provides a blazing-fast UX out-of-the-box. Wield the power of headless while creating your own landing pages.
  • Composable Commerce – Our proven commerce stacks give you the quickest time-to-market possible. they’re fully composable so you can easily swap and add components whenever you need
  • Clear-cut Integrations – We’ve made sure all the standard eCommerce options on the market can quickly and easily communicate and integrate with your existing stack to deliver the seamless CX you’re looking for.
  • Cloud-native – Your eCommerce business relies on cloud-native technology because it’s secure and scalable. CoreConnect has been built with those principles in mind so you can integrate it smoothly and focus on more important things.

Case Studies

Ready for the future with a flexible and agile platform

Wovar provides a variety of hardware products for DIY projects such as garden and woodworking at affordable prices. With rapid company growth, a flexible and agile platform is essential to align with their ambitious goals. The example of how Akeneo, Prismic, Bigcommerce and should be integrated.

format-quote-open CoreConnect gives us the freedom to collect insight into the flow of information that is flowing through our systems. The complexity of merging the reservation and payment systems of new and existing parks used to be a huge stumbling block for us. CoreConnect takes care of everything, and gives us the opportunity to get a better focus on our online company goals.

Martin de Boer
Rental Director Europarcs

"Do you want to know more about how CoreConnect can unlock the potential of your tech stack?"

Jeroen van Mierle
Commerce Director at CoreConnect

CoreConnect is a Composable B2B Commerce layer by rb2